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Custom Lettering of the ’20s and ’30s

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Custom Lettering of the ’20s and ’30s
Custom Lettering of the ’20s and ’30s
Custom Lettering of the ’20s and ’30s
Custom Lettering of the ’20s and ’30s

Custom Lettering of the ‘20s & ‘30s is a celebration of the beautiful and stylistically diverse hand-drawn lettering that dominated book covers, magazines, posters and advertising in the inter-war period. Elegant modernistic type experiments jostle for attention with playful expressive brush lettering, illustrated novelties, heavy geometric sans serifs, dramatic inlines, drop shadows and all manner of outré typographic extravagances. With over 6,000 images categorised by style for easy reference, this book is an invaluable typographic inspiration for the designer, typophile, vintage magpie and anyone with an interest in 20th century culture. A cornerstone of any type-lovers library.

About the Author
Rian Hughes is a graphic designer, illustrator, comic artist, author, and typographer who has worked extensively for the British and American advertising, music and comic industries as both designer and illustrator. The author or designer of more books than he can remember, he is the designer of numerous CD and vinyl sleeves for obscure indie labels as well as mainstream acts, ranges for Swatch and logos for James Bond and Batman. The book Art, Commercial is a retrospective monograph published in 2001. Recent books include Cult-ure: Ideas can be Dangerous and Lifestyle Illustration of the ‘50s. His comic strips have been collected in Yesterdays Tomorrows and his burlesque art in Soho Dives, Soho Divas. His fonts are released via his own label, Device Fonts.
Flexibound: 576 pages
Size: 225 mm x 225 mm
ISBN-13: 9780957664951
Author: Rian Hughes
Publisher: Korero Press


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